Monday , 2 October 2023

Rajinikanth celebrates his 73rd birthday today.

Today marks the 73rd birthday of superstar Rajinikanth (December 12). As a result, numerous fans and members of the film business have congratulated him. Rajinikanth’s admirers have plastered posters all across Tamil Nadu in honour of his birthday. It includes phrases such as “Tomorrow’s Chief Minister” and “People’s Admired Man.”

Rajinikanth made his Tamil film debut with the film Apoorvaraganal. His admirers treat the release of his flicks as if it were a festival. In such scenario, ignore his birthdate. Rajinikanth’s birthday was celebrated in tremendous manner by his followers all across the country.

At addition, many individuals are doing good for the people and doing excellent pujas in temples. Check out some of the celebs that took to social media to wish superstar Rajinikanth a happy birthday. In this situation, we can see a track record of celebrities congratulating Rajinikanth on his birthday on social media.

Today is Rajinikanth’s 72nd birthday (December 12), and he is receiving birthday greetings from all around the world. On his buddy Kamal Haasan’s Twitter account, he posted a special birthday message that stated, “Happy birthday to my dear friend, Superstar @rajinikanth. On this auspicious day, I wish you to continue your journey of success.” Their supporters crowded the comment area shortly after he published the post.

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