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The Importance of Music in Indian Films

The numbers for regional films were substantially smaller, but the musical inclination was comparable. Bollywood is recognised for certain staples, such as extravagant song-and-dance scenes, romantic melodrama, and eye-catching set design, but there’s so much more to this diversified film business than that.

Indian film developed independently of Hollywood and has distinct qualities. The incorporation of song and dance in Bollywood films is one of the most noticeable instances of the genre’s distinct style.

Saroj Khan, one of Bollywood’s most prominent choreographers, died in July 2020. Over the course of her 60-year career, she was responsible for over 2,000 dances, many of which became legends. She was well-known for her work with Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi, both of whom died in 2018.

What would Indian cinema be without music and dance? From “racing around trees” to the era of remixes, Indian cinema has had its fair share of altering trends. Because Indian films are musicals, the packaging and picturisation of the songs is just as crucial as the main narrative.

We may agree that the days of fascinating melodies and distinctive shots in our films are long gone, but we cannot deny that songs have always been the spirit of Indian cinema, regardless of age, shelf life, original or recreations, dance numbers or romantic ballets.

In a film, music, both in itself and paired with dancing, has been utilised for several reasons including “heightening a scene, emphasising a mood, commenting on topic and action, offering respite and functioning as internal monologue”.

Traditional Indian music, particularly Hindustani and Classical music, has long captivated international listeners. However, in recent years, Indian cinema music has achieved remarkable success on the international stage.

While it is almost hard to define the musical qualities of Indian cinema music, it is this uniqueness that has contributed to its widespread popularity.

Although classical and traditional components are included, the genre is more likely to be dominated by Western jazz, rap, disco, or whatever forms are popular at the time.

Songs are often created by combining all of the diverse parts, giving rise to the unique style that has come to represent Indian cinema music.

The two Academy Awards earned by globally recognised film music director and composer A.R. Rahman are proof enough.

A.R. Rahman gained worldwide prominence and recognition to the Indian cinema music genre by winning the Academy Awards for Best Original Music Score and Best Original Song for the movie Slumdog Millionaire in 2009.

When ‘Formula’ music became popular, there were a fixed amount of songs with a set diversity. The ‘playback’ vocalist debuted. The previous artists performed and sang, but the films of this era had performers who did not sign their own songs and instead relied on other singers to do so.

Music has the ability to heal both emotionally and cognitively. Music may be used as a kind of meditation. When one is writing or listening to music, he tends to forget about his troubles, emotions, and sufferings.

However, in order to enjoy excellent music, we must first develop our musical sense. Furthermore, research has shown that plants that hear music develop at a higher pace than others.

Music is a global language, which means that we don’t have to comprehend the lyrics of a song to appreciate it. Music, with its global language, thereby links people all over the globe. I like listening to music for this reason in particular.

Music has the capacity to bring people together, to make us feel at ease, to make us feel understood; it is something to dance to, connect over, and even to listen to when we are alone. Music is more than simply music; it has its own language that conveys so much; it is a lovely thing.

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