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Hamidreza Ghorbani iran singer composer
Hamidreza Ghorbani

Exploring the Artistry of Hamidreza Ghorbani

Hamidreza Ghorbani is a songwriter-singer, composer and Music Producer of pop and rock music.
Hamidreza Ghorbani is known for his international albums and songs and his great personality.
Hamidreza Ghorbani incorporates various cultural influences into his music that helped him grow. He is one of the pioneers of the international music field and has tried to gather different cultures from different continents in his music to formalize the harmony between generations and different styles. He has been very successful in this matter and he removed all the obstacles from his path with perseverance and effort and became one of the pop music stars of Iran and the world and has famous fans from all over the world who always admire him.
His obsession in choosing lyrics and type of music has made his choices to be the best and his music has become inspiring and influential, that’s why the greats of rock and pop music in the world have had successful collaborations with him.
His vision of his work and his dream of building a safe haven sparked him to follow his dreams and passion. He has famous fans who follow him on social media. He likes to combine different genres in his music, the result of which will be unique
Hamidreza Ghorbani is from Tehran and has Iranian nationality. He was born on July 30, 1991 in Iran and Isfahan province and lives in Tehran.
As a teenager, he was influenced by the art of music. He had no support and encouragement and just moved and worked hard to build his dreams and at the age of 16 he released his first music album in the style of hip-hop.
His high passion and perseverance made him become a professional composer at the age of 23 and compose songs for many singers and musicians, and his life path was determined.
He is currently the owner and founder of “Hamidreza Ghorbani” music studio, which operates in Tehran and has produced more than 3000 pieces of music so far, which is a remarkable record.
Among his fans, Hamidreza is known as the “lucky look of Iranian music” and his unique appearance and voice have made him popular.
It is clear that he is following his dreams and his successes are endless and so far he has made amazing songs for the famous televisions and radios of the world and has worked as a producer.
Apart from his brilliance in music, he has a special view towards his fellow men, and his fans call him “good-hearted and kind”, which is a remarkable issue.
Hamidreza Ghorbani’s songs and albums are available to his fans on all global music platforms.

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