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LuckyChap Entertainment: Pioneering the Power of Women in Film and Television

In a glittering ceremony at the Variety Power of Women dinner, the spotlight shone on LuckyChap Entertainment as they were awarded the prestigious Power of Women Producer of the Year. Dua Lipa, the globally renowned singer, took the stage to present the award, praising the minds behind LuckyChap for their exceptional contributions to the film and television industry, particularly in celebrating women’s stories.

Championing Female Filmmakers and Redefining Industry Norms

Dua Lipa eloquently highlighted LuckyChap’s commitment to championing female filmmakers since its inception in 2014. The company’s ethos revolves around celebrating female storytellers, promoting strong female characters, and actively employing women in key positions (HODs). Lipa emphasized that for LuckyChap, this mission goes beyond ideals; it’s a philosophy ingrained in their DNA. According to her, LuckyChap’s dedication to female empowerment is not just a moral stance but a savvy business strategy.

The powerhouse team at LuckyChap, led by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, and Sophia Kerr, has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of the industry. The billion-dollar blockbuster “Barbie” stands as a testament to their global success, a project that could have been considered risky but was pursued with foresight and determination.

The Humorous and Heartfelt Side of LuckyChap’s Journey:

What sets LuckyChap apart is not just its cinematic achievements but the unique blend of humor, empathy, and heart that the team infuses into every project. Dua Lipa, in her presentation, highlighted the team’s involvement in every facet of their productions, from creating immersive practical environments on set to crafting moments that challenge audiences worldwide to ponder the essence of humanity.

The Variety Power of Women ceremony took an unexpected turn when Margot Robbie, the face of LuckyChap, was unable to speak due to losing her voice. In an amusing twist, Ackerley and McNamara took the stage to represent their producing partner. Robbie’s speech, revealed for the first time, provided insight into the dynamic within the LuckyChap team.

The revelation that Robbie’s partners humorously use her as a “crutch” for public-facing events added a lighthearted touch to the evening. Ackerley and McNamara, acknowledging the oddity of two “dudes” speaking at a Power of Women event, vowed to share the responsibility of public speaking in the future. Robbie’s written words not only addressed the humorous aspect of their collaboration but also expressed her admiration for the dedication of her male partners in supporting women throughout their careers.

LuckyChap Entertainment’s recognition as the Power of Women Producer of the Year is a testament to their unwavering commitment to empowering women in the entertainment industry. As they continue to champion female filmmakers, redefine industry norms, and infuse their projects with humor and heart, LuckyChap sets a compelling example for the transformative power of storytelling. In the words of Margot Robbie, there is nothing more inspiring than witnessing not only women supporting women but also men wholeheartedly championing the cause. LuckyChap Entertainment stands as a beacon of progress, proving that inclusivity and creativity go hand in hand in shaping the future of film and television.

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