Thursday , 30 November 2023

Blue Bloods Announces Final Season Split and Streaming on Paramount+: A Farewell to a Friday Night Fixture

Blue Bloods, the long-running crime thriller that has held a prime spot on CBS’s Friday night lineup, is gearing up for its grand finale. The network recently confirmed the bittersweet news in a press release on Monday, revealing that the last season will be delivered in two parts. The first ten episodes are set to premiere on February 16, 2024, with the final eight episodes following in the fall of the same year. This strategic split aims to prolong the farewell, allowing fans to savor each moment of the beloved show.

The show’s significance in CBS’s legacy is undeniable. Amy Reisenbach and David Stapf, the presidents of CBS Entertainment and CBS Studios, expressed their gratitude for the series, which has ruled Friday nights with unprecedented dominance since its premiere. They credited the legendary Leonard Goldberg for developing the signature series and the exceptional cast led by Tom Selleck, who became synonymous with the Reagan family. The joint statement also acknowledged the devoted fan base that turned Blue Bloods into a pillar of CBS’s winning lineup.

A Heartfelt Goodbye: Acknowledging the Cast, Crew, and Dedicated Viewers

As the final chapter unfolds, the show’s executive producer, Kevin Wade, expressed his gratitude to CBS Studios and the CBS Television Network for the opportunity to tell multi-layered narratives that resonated with millions. Wade promised fans an exciting and emotionally satisfying final season, recognizing the enthusiasm and loyalty they’ve shown over the years.

Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan on the series, echoed this sentiment. In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Wahlberg acknowledged the passionate fan base as an integral part of the extended Reagan family. He emphasized the importance of providing fans with a proper conclusion, expressing his love for Blue Bloods and his understanding of the potential outrage if the show were to end abruptly without closure.

As the Blue Bloods cast and crew prepare to bid farewell to the Reagan family dinner table, the anticipation builds for the show’s final season. Fans can expect a season filled with compelling narratives, emotional moments, and a fitting conclusion to a series that has become a cherished part of television history. As the last chapter unfolds, viewers are invited to gather one last time for dinner with the Reagans, savoring the moments that have made Blue Bloods a beloved fixture on Friday nights.

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