Monday , 2 October 2023


“Cinema vs. Cricket: The Battle for the Spotlight”

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Introduction : The world of entertainment is vast and diverse, with numerous forms of entertainment vying for the attention of the masses. In this battle for eyeballs, one intriguing scenario that occasionally unfolds is the clash between major movie releases and sporting events like the Cricket World Cup. While both movies and sports hold a special place in people’s hearts, …

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The Importance of Music in Indian Films

Indian film developed independently of Hollywood and has distinct qualities. The incorporation of song and dance in Bollywood films is one of the most noticeable instances of the genre’s distinct style.

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Happy Birthday, Mammootty celebrates his 71st Birthday today

Like his famous moniker, he stumbled into acting. First appeared in Anubhavangal Paalichakal when he was in school. “I saw a gunshot.” Mammootty asked K. S. Sethumadhavan, a prominent filmmaker, to cast him in the film. So he got his first acting job. Mammootty is an actor with the ability to make positive changes. In Kasaba, he was a crude, …

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List of 68th National Film Awards – India

The 68th National Film Awards ceremony is a forthcoming event in which the Directorate of Film Festivals will present its annual National Film Awards to recognize the finest films in Indian cinema in 2020. The winner will be announced on July 22, 2022. Filmmakers, performers, technicians, editors, and everyone else involved in the production of a film will be waiting …

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What exactly is the 1000 Crore Club in Box Office?

The 1000 Crore Club is an informal name given by the Indian cinema trade and the media to films in the Indian language that have made 1000 Crore INR, in India or elsewhere in the worldwide. Based on conservative worldwide box office figures as provided by reliable sources, this list ranks the highest grossing Indian films across all languages. There is no official system for recording the numbers earned at the domestic box office in India, and Indian websites that post statistics are regularly pressed to enhance their estimations of the domestic box office.

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