Chalapathi Rao

Chalapathi Rao

Actor, Producer

Chalapathi Rao is also known as Tammareddy Chalapathi Rao, Chalapati Rao is an Actor and Producer from India. Age 78 years (08 May 1944) born in Balliparru, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, India. So far Chalapathi Rao has worked in Tollywood and Kollywood entertainment industries and his artwork has been released in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi language movies and web series. Chalapathi Rao died on 25 December 2022.

Chalapathi Rao's Biography Facts

Name Chalapathi Rao
Other Names Tammareddy Chalapathi Rao,
Chalapati Rao
Occupation Actor,
Gender Male
Date of Birth 08 May 1944
Birth Place Balliparru, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh, India
Residence Madhura Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Date of Death 25 December 2022
Died 1 Years 1 Months and 26 Days Ago
Place of Death Hyderabad
Cause of Death heart attack
Age 78 Years
Height 1.8 m (5′ 11″)
Weight (Approx.)
Nationality (Country) India
Religion Hindu
Food Diet Non-Vegetarian

Family of Chalapathi Rao

Father Maniyya
Mother Vijayamma
Spouse (Wife) Indumaty Chowdrani
Children Ravi Babu,
Malini Devi

Movies and Television Shows of Chalapathi Rao

Chalapathi Rao: Cast in

Bangarraju Poster


as Chalapathi

2022 (Tollywood)
arjuna 2020 Poster

arjuna 2020

2020 (Tollywood)
Ruler 2019 Poster

Ruler 2019

as Subba Rao

2019 (Tollywood)
Tholu Bommalata Poster

Tholu Bommalata

as Ranga

2019 (Tollywood)
Jai Simha Poster

Jai Simha

as MP

2018 (Tollywood)
Jai Lava Kusa Poster

Jai Lava Kusa

2017 (Tollywood)
khayyum bhai Poster

khayyum bhai

2017 (Tollywood)
Sathamanam Bhavati Poster

Sathamanam Bhavati

2017 (Tollywood)
Evaro Tanevaro Poster

Evaro Tanevaro

2017 (Tollywood)
Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Poster

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu

2016 (Tollywood)
Sarrainodu Poster


as Naidu

2016 (Tollywood)
Attack (2016) Poster

Attack (2016)

as Masthan

2016 (Tollywood)
Dictator Poster


as I.G.

2016 (Tollywood)
Vinavayya Ramayya Poster

Vinavayya Ramayya

2015 (Tollywood)
Jil Poster


as Jai's uncle

2015 (Tollywood)
Tungabhadra Poster


2015 (Tollywood)
Ee Varsham Sakshiga Poster

Ee Varsham Sakshiga

2014 (Tollywood)
Ra Ra... Krishnayya Poster

Ra Ra... Krishnayya

2014 (Tollywood)
Prema Geema Jantha Nai Poster

Prema Geema Jantha Nai

2014 (Tollywood)
Jump Jilani Poster

Jump Jilani

2014 (Tollywood)
Manam Poster


as merchant

2014 (Tollywood)
Legend Poster


as Raghavaiah

2014 (Tollywood)
Sevakudu Poster


2014 (Tollywood)
Biskett Poster


2013 (Tollywood)
Bhai Poster


2013 (Tollywood)
Kevvu Keka Poster

Kevvu Keka

2013 (Tollywood)
Love Touch Poster

Love Touch

2013 (Tollywood)
Mahankali Poster


2013 (Tollywood)
Shatruvu Poster


2013 (Tollywood)
Rebel Poster


as Police Officer

2012 (Tollywood)
Avunu (2012) Poster

Avunu (2012)

as Ranga

2012 (Tollywood)
Mr. 7 Poster

Mr. 7

2012 (Tollywood)
Onamalu Poster


as Chalapathi Ra

2012 (Tollywood)
Dammu Poster


as Krishnam Raju

2012 (Tollywood)
Friends Book Poster

Friends Book

2012 (Tollywood)
Prema Pilustundi Poster

Prema Pilustundi

2012 (Tollywood)
Nandeeswarudu Poster


as DGP

2012 (Tollywood)
Kshetram Poster


2011 (Tollywood)
Money Money, More Money Poster

Money Money, More Money

2011 (Tollywood)
Veera (2011 film) Poster

Veera (2011 film)

2011 (Tollywood)
Parama Veera Chakra Poster

Parama Veera Chakra

2011 (Tollywood)

Chalapathi Rao Yearly List of Films and TV Shows

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