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Meet Shahid Latief, the iconic thespian whose roots and residence span the vibrant land of India. A maestro of motion pictures, Latief's essence is interwoven with the cultural tapestry of his homeland, reflected in the characters he becomes on the silver screen. His artistry doesn't just mirror his nationality but resonates with a spirit that's quintessentially Indian.

The year of 2023 heralds a new chapter in Shahid's career with not one, but two blockbuster additions to Bollywood's illustrious timeline. First to hit the theaters on November 12, Latief emerges as General Imtiaz Haq in the much-anticipated 'Tiger 3'. His portrayal promises to captivate audiences, adding a layer of intrigue to the thriller.

A month later, on the cusp of winter's embrace, 'Dunki' makes its grand entrance. The film shines a spotlight on Baakir, a character Latief embodies with a finesse that whispers of countless hours delving into the soul of his role. Slated for release on December 21, 'Dunki' will showcase Shahid Latief's exceptional knack for bringing complex characters to life, all enmeshed within the beloved Hindi language.

It's a cinematic feast served by one of India's own, as Latief's filmography blooms and Bollywood greets its rising star with open arms. So mark your calendars; Shahid Latief is set to take us through heart-gripping narratives, etching his name in the annals of film history.

Shahid Latief's Biography Facts

Name Shahid Latief
Occupation Actor
Gender Male
Date of Birth
Birth Place India
Residence India
Weight (Approx.)
Nationality (Country) India

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as Baakir

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