8 Thottakkal

8 Thottakkal

07 April 2017
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8 Thottakkal is a Kollywood crime and thriller movie directed by Sri Ganesh. The main roles of this movie are done by Aparna Balamurali and Vetri Sudley. The movie is initially released on 07 April 2017. 8 Thottakkal is released in Tamil language from India to the world.


Media Info.

Name 8 Thottakkal
Type Movie
Made in Kollywood
Made Type Original
Country India
Release Date 07 April 2017
Running Time
(Approx. or Average)
2h 25m
Genres Crime,
Certificate U (CBFC)
Categories Kollywood
Languages Tamil
Hit Type Hit

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Soundtrack of 8 Thottakkal

Singers of 'Nee Illai Endraal'
Vandana Srinivasan
Lyricists of 'Nee Illai Endraal'
Kutti Revathi
Music of 'Nee Illai Endraal'
Sundaramurthy K. S.
Singers of 'Andhi Sayura Neram'
Yogi Sekar
Lyricists of 'Andhi Sayura Neram'
GKB Lyricist
Music of 'Andhi Sayura Neram'
Sundaramurthy K. S.
Singers of 'Ithu Pol'
Lyricists of 'Ithu Pol'
Kutti Revathi
Music of 'Ithu Pol'
Sundaramurthy K. S.
Singers of 'Mannipaya Ena Kekathe'
Udhay Kannan
Aparna Balamurali
Lyricists of 'Mannipaya Ena Kekathe'
Sri Ganesh
Music of 'Mannipaya Ena Kekathe'
Sundaramurthy K. S.

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